The Transport Department was established under Section 213 of Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and it was established for enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988; the State Motor Vehicles Taxation Act 1963 and the Rules framed there under.In Jangoan District the Transport Department is headed by District Transport Officer of the cadre “District Transport Officer”. He is assisted by Assist Motor Vehicles Inspectors and other Ministerial Staff. Office of the District Transport Officer, Jangoan District is located at Kallem Road, Jangoan and functioning in Rented Building.

Office Staff Details :




Mobile No

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Motor Vehicles Inspector





Administrative Officer





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Transport Constable





Office of the District Transport Officer, Jangoan District has Jurisdiction over all 13 Mandals of the District.

The District Transport Officer, Jangoan District in the cadre of District Transport Officer has Supervisory Role over Jangoan  district. He is also the Appellate Authority as contemplated under the Central Motor Vehicles Act, State Motor Vehicles Taxation Act and Rule made there under, against the Orders passed by the Officers of the Districts over which he has supervisory powers.


  1. As Licensing Authority, Issue of Driving Licenses as per the procedure prescribed in the Motor Vehicles Act and the Rules made there under.
  2. As Registering Authority, Registering the Motor Vehicles and maintaining the Records concerned.
  3. As Licensing Officer, collection of Road Tax from the Owners of the Motor Vehicles as per the rates prescribed under the provisions of State Taxation Act, 1963 and Recovery of arrears of the Road Tax from the defaulters under Revenue Recovery Act.
  4. As Secretary, Regional Transport Authority, controlling the transport vehicles by issuing permits.
  5. As Revenue earning Department, achieving Revenue Targets fixed by the Government.
  6. In coordination with Police, Road Engineering Departments; taking measures for Road Safety.
  7. As Enforcing Authority, Regulation of vehicles plying on the roads. Powers to enforce the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act are also given to the Police Officers of and above the Rank of Sub-Inspector of Police


  1. Information pertaining to all services of the Department has been provided in the Dept. website A set of FAQs has also been provided in the website. Also the procedure to obtain a service has been displayed promptly in the Office.  
  2. For all the transactions (59 No.s), facility has been given to file online Application through Department Website.
  3. Slot booking system has been introduced to serve the Applicants at his selected Date & Time.
  4. Online fee payment facility has been given to reduce cash transactions in the office.
  5. Facility of filing Application, Fee payment and Slot booking through Mee-Seva Centers has also been provided.
  6. RTA M-Wallet Mobile Application has been launched enabling citizens to store the Documents related to the Department like RC, DL, Insurance, etc, in digital form for hassle free travel by the citizen


      The Office of the District Transport Officer, Jangoan is in the forefront in implementing the Citizen Charter. The Citizen Charter and the procedures of all most all transactions are displayed in the office premises.


  1. Facility to file online complaint has been given through the Department

Website. On receipt of a complaint it will be sent to the officer concerned and it will be asked to redress the grievance within three days. The Grievance Redressal for the grievances through website is being monitored by different levels from the District Transport Officer to the Transport Commissioner.

  1. Toll free Numbers have also been provided to registered the complaints.

                  1100 (from BSNL)

                  18004251110 (from other service providers))

Vehicular Strength as on 31-07-2021:

S.No. CLASS OF VEHICLE No. of Vehicles
1 Motor Cycles  68485
2 Motor Car 5250
3 Tractor & Trailers (Agriculture) 8740
4 Motor Cabs and Maxi Cabs 1437
5 Goods Vehicles 3334
6 Educational Institution Buses 199
7 Auto Rickshaws  4167
8 Contract Carriage  Buses 3
9 Tractor & Trailers (Commercial purpose) 3985
10 Tractor Driven Combined Harvester 795
11 Ambulance 20
12 Articulated Vehicles  3
13 Vehicle Fitted with Construction Equipment 331
15 Three Wheeled Goods Vehicle 976
16 Other vehicles 448
  Total 97734

Revenue Collections: up to (31-03-2021)


Sl.No Category Revenue realized up to 31-03-2021 (Rs.In crores)
1 Regular tax 2.4
2 Life tax 12.69
3 Fee 3.47
4 Detection 0.4
5 Service charge 1.13
6 Total 20.09

Transport department administering the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the Motor Vehicles Rules framed there under is engaged in the following function and activities:

  • Assessment and collection of Motor Vehicles Taxes and fees etc.
  • Registration of Motor Vehicles and all other related issues.
  • Issue/Renewal of Certificate of fitness in respect of Commercial Vehicles through inspection conducted by M. V. I.
  • Issue/Endorsement of driving license on being found fit in competency and signal test.
  • Renewal of driving license.
  • Control and Regulation of Transport (Commercial) vehicles.
  • Subject to approval, direction and recommendation of the R.T.A. Board, issuance/renewal of road permits to Public Service Vehicles or transport vehicles keeping in view the great public interest.
  • Detection and illegal plying of vehicle through enforcement staff.
  • Institution and disposal of offence cases for violation and enforcement of the provision of the Act and Rules. Disposal of offence cases and where necessary compounding of offences on realisation of cash penalty.
  • Road safety work by conducting awareness campaigns, pollution check of vehicles and enforce measures such booking speeding vehicles through laser guns and interceptor vehicles and detect drunken drivers through breath analysers. Enforcement of the provision of the motor vehicles Act and Rules.
  • Any other matters relating to transport administration including providing pool cars for use of V.I.P.

Sadak Suraksha – Jeevan Raksha

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India has announced the observance of 30th Road Safety Week Campaign from 4th to 10th February 2019.   The theme for this year campaign is Sadak Suraksha – Jeevan Raksha”. Various programs related to the road safety is organised in many cities to edify people about road safety, driving rules and cautions.

Road safety week is a national event aimed at raising public awareness about traffic rules and ultimately to reduce casualties due to road accidents. Millions lose their life and millions get injured in road accidents; mainly, due to lack of awareness about traffic rules or a behavior of ignoring them. Therefore, to make people more aware of the traffic rules and to persuade those to follow rules while on road; the Road Safety Week is observed every year.

Do’s and Don’ts While Driving


  • Always wear your seat belt.
  • Follow the speed limits mentioned on the signboards on the roadside.
  • Give pedestrians the right-of-way in crosswalks.
  • Make room for other vehicles (bicycle, motor cycles, cars etc.).
  • Must keep a first aid box in your car.
  • Make routine maintenance of your car. Breakdowns can be dangerous and costly.
  • Plan your route out in advance for long car trips and keep a map or atlas in car.


  • DON’T drive a car after having intoxicated drinks.
  • DON’T drink while driving, and don’t get in a car with a drunken driver.
  • DON’T play your car stereo loudly so that you can hear signals or vehicle sirens.
  • DON’T talk on your cell phone while driving. If you need to answer a telephone call while you are driving, pull over at a safe place and use the phone.
  • DON’T engage in other activities, while driving, that distract your attention or reduce your reaction time. Eating, changing clothes, or putting on makeup while driving is dangerous.
  • DON’T leave valuables in your car.

Traffic sign

Services at DTO, Jangaon:

  • All 59 Services of the Transport Department to Citizens are made like Issue of Driving Licenses, Registration, Fitness, Permits and Taxation.
  •  The office code is assigned as TS-27 for all types of Transactions

Functions of the District Transport Office:

Regular Services
  • Registration of new vehicles
  • Issue of Driving Licenses
Issue of Fitness
  • Issue of Road Permits
  •  Checking of Vehicles for Non-Payment of Road Tax and Other Violations.
  • Checking of Vehicles for Violation of MV Act and Rules 1988.
  • TMV Rules 1989, TMVT Act and Rules 1963.
Outdoor Duties:
  •  Inspection of Accident Vehicles
  • Fixation of Upset Values and Condition of Vehicles of Government Departments.
  • Conducting Road Safety Awareness Programmes as per guidelines issued by Government from time to time.
All 59 Services of the Transport Department :

HELPLINE NUMBERS : 040 – 23370081,040 – 23370083,040 – 23370084 (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM).

Learner License:

  • New Learner Licence
  • New Learner Licence in place of expired Learner Licence
  • Learner Licence for addition of a new class of vehicle
  • Issue duplicate Learner Licence
  • Retest for Learner Licence
  • Issue of Learner License for Expired DL
Driving License:
  • Fresh Driving License
  • Addition of Class of Vehicle to Driving License
  • Badge
  • Surrender Of License
  • Renewal of License
  • Duplicate of License
  • International Driving Permit
  • Change Of Address
  • Retest for Driving Licence
  • Driving Licence History Sheet
  • Exipred DL for Driving Licence
  • Hazardous License
Conductor License:
  • Issue of Fresh Conductor Licence
  • Renewal of Conductor Licence
  • Issue of duplicate Conductor Licence
  • Change of Address in Conductor Licence
Fitness Certificate:
  • Issue of New Fitness Certificate
  • Issue of duplicate Fitness Certificate
  • Renewal of Fitness Certificate
  • Permission to get Fitness Certificate at Other Station
  • Quarterly Tax Payment
  • Green Tax Payment
  • Tax Token Print
  • New Vehicle Registration
  • Reassignment of Vehicle
  • Issue of Fresh Registration Certificate in the name of Financier
  • Issue of B-Register (History sheet of vehicle)
  • Hire Purchase Agreement
  • Hire Purchase Termination
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Duplicate of RC
  • Renewal of RC
  • Change of Address
  • Alteration of Vehicle
  • Issue of NOC/CC
  • Cancellation of NOC/CC
  • Issue of New Permit
  • Issue of Duplicate Permit
  • Renewal Of Permit
  • Surrender Of Permit
  • Transfer of Permit
  • Renewal of Authorization for National Permit
  • Issue of Duplicate Authorization for National Permit
  • Variation Of Permit
  • Replacement Of Vehicle
  • Issue of Temporary/Special Permit
Recommendation Letter:
  • Issue of Recommendation Letter
  • Renewal of Recommendation Letter
  • Duplicate of Recommendation Letter
  • Transfer of Recommendation Letter
  • Replacement Of Vehicle
Trade Certificate:
  • Fresh Trade Certificate
  • Duplicate Trade Certificate
  • Renewal Trade Certificate