The Department of Information and Public Relations functions to achieve its objectives and goals through dissemination and transmission of information, publicity and public relations. The department utilizes multi-media systems for effective publicity and performs a signal service in acting as a bridge between the people and the government and creates awareness among all sections of the people on government policies, plans and programmes intended for their welfare and development.


Dissemination of Information The main objective of the department is basically two fold viz., informing the public about the policies and programmes of the government on one hand and on the other keeping the government informed of the people’s reaction to its policies and programmes. Communication is a most vital process of socio-economic development. This department adopts different modes to conduct dissemination of information and publicity activities of the department.


The Department discharges the following key functions: 1. Coverage the visits of VVIP, VIP and the District Collector 2. Publicizes the activities of the government through mass media 3. Bringing out Publications like Telangana magazine, maintaining Media Information, Monitoring & Analysis System, conducting training, maintaining community radio and television sets, installation of public address system, audio visual equipment, electronic news recording & analysis, department’s Information Technology services like computer usage and web site maintenance, besides deployment of digital media. 3. Keeping the people informed of the services made available for them by the Government. 4. Giving Wide publicity for Government welfare and development activities, for eradication of social evils like Untouchability, Dowry, Child Marriages, Jogini, bonded labour, Child labour, Banamathi etc. through telangana samskruthika saradhi team.