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Many places in ancient India were lush greenery, rivers and hills with a wealth of natural beauty. Then even the lives of men pass away peacefully. Many sages spend their time in the mountains and in the wilderness, practicing spiritual thought. There are many instances where the Lord has witnessed some of them, and there they are, on their wish. Such magnificent places have developed in so many ways, and have seen the highest level of patronage of many kings, which have declined in popularity over time.These are fading in time Visiting such magnificent temples, we can learn many things about history One of them is the ruler of Jangaon district.

It is said that the Rishis practiced penance here 1200 and 1300 years ago. Another story is that Someshvara was revealed here on the wish of the Sapt Sages. The cave can also be visited by sellers At the bottom of the hill is the tomb of famous poet ruler Someshwar. This is his birthplace. His poems are titled Dashama Purana and the history of scholars. Somesvara poet’s parents named the Swami after the birth of his son. The poet’s life span dates to AD. 1160 – 1240. This great poet also worshiped this Someshwar. It means that from the very beginning, Someshwaraswamy was worshiping the devotees there.

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How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport is at Hyderabad, 80 kms away from Jangaon

By Train

The nearest railway Station is located at Jangaonat a distance of 25 km.

By Road

Well connected with district head quarter Jangaon